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In 1985, local Greensboro NC DJs, Les Massengale and Brad Hinkle, began what has become the longest-running promotional remix service for DJs. Long before the advent of CDs and digital media, Ultimix was originally conceived as a 3 vinyl record set. Soon after, Ultimix became the industry standard for DJs around the world. 


Forward thinking and always considering the needs of jocks in dark DJ booths, Les and Brad developed the thicker, eye-cue break lines that acted as maps on each Ultimix vinyl disc. It was also their keen music programming and clever production that placed Ultimix at the forefront of early DJ culture. Today, we continue to share the same commitment of offering creative and consistent remixes that allow you, the DJ, to shine.


Ultimix is a vital tool for DJs that want an edge over their competition. Whether a club, mix show or mobile jock, Ultimix has something programmed with your specific needs in mind. We have plans that give you the most bang for your music buck! Our most popular is the Ultimix VIP experience.


Every month, our VIPs get a ton of new music and video that satisfies the needs of any type of DJ. In addition to each new issue of Ultimix and Funkymix, our VIPs get weekly promo packs and Ultimix videos. The HD videos are synched to our exclusive remixes. This allows you to beat mix the videos, just like you would the audio.


All of us at Ultimix are DJs and know what fellow jocks need from their music source: consistent and creative mixes delivered in a timely and professional manner. For those who’ve been with us since the beginning, we say thank you. And, those who might only be discovering us for the first time, we want to be your go-to source for mixes to wow your crowd.




These are offered monthly as a digital download or single CD and contains at least 10 exclusive mixes of the current, most wanted tracks. Each with clean, dirty and kwikMIX.





This is our core product. It features everything from Top 40/dance and EDM to country and alternative rock music. We carefully program Ultimix by researching radio airplay as well as streaming and various other social media metrics. Most of our remixes are based on the original radio edit. But we give jocks the raw beat intros and outros that make their transitions flow smoother. We generally include a few ULTI-reMIX versions on each issue. These in-depth, full production mixes are what allow you to stand out above your competition.





This satellite series is devoted to all things hip-hop! Each month, the best rhythm crossover, urban and latin are remixed and delivered as a digital download or single CD. All of our remixes are clean, but we also offer an explicit version, with the harder club jocks in mind. Look for plenty of the ULTI-reMIX full productions on the Funkymix series as well.





Although these aren’t produced as regularly as the monthly Ultimix and Funkymix issues, our various specialty issues are definitely a vital tool in your overall music arsenal. 





This quarterly series highlights the best throwback music from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. It’s produced and remixed as only Ultimix can do! Each issue is available as a digital download or single CD and contains creative alternatives to the standard retro fare. They are a breeze to program into your sets. No more live drummers and floating beats…Everything is edited, quantized and locked on the grid. Whether it’s a retro night at your club, a skating rink or wedding reception, Back Spins needs to be in your collection.





These issues are available as a digital download or double CD set and contain the legendary medleys and megamixes we’ve done throughout the years. Most of these have become staples among wedding jocks and retro DJs alike. From year-end flashbacks, to classic rock and disco, Ultimix Medley Collections are party starters!





These are edited down versions of our original mixes that appeared on early issues. We’ve recognized the need, as the attention span of dance floors has become increasingly shorter.





As the name states, this digital-only item is a group of 15 remixes we’ve chosen from the Ultimix and Funkymix collection that share a specific genre, artist or era. “Mobile Must Haves," “Ladies of the 90s” and “80s The Wave” are examples of our digital crates.





When we began, our earlier remixes were only available on vinyl. Since then, we’ve gone in and restored and remastered the music from the original tape. In addition to the MP3 format, these remasters have now also been converted to wav files and sound better than ever! The wav files come pre-loaded on an Ultimix flash drive. The drive comes housed in a tin case printed with the Ultimix logo.





This is a production tool that we offer for radio imaging as well as for working into your live sets. Offered as a digital download or CD, they contain classic samples, beat loops and pellas.