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Our compilation CD/Vinyl/Digital Downloads are authorized only for distribution to professional/working club, event or radio DJS and current employees of the recorded music industry for the purpose of promoting or exposing the material on the compilation.  Our CD/Vinyl/Digital Downloads shall be used only by the particular individual to whom Ultimix Records directly sent the CD//Vinyl/Digital Downloads.The materials on our CD//Vinyl/Digital Downloads may not be further distributed to any other person by the recipient.  Your receipt and acceptance of our CD//Vinyl/Digital Downloads shall constitute a representation, warranty, and agreement that you are qualified to receive the CD/Vinyl/Digital Download and that you will comply with the terms of this license.   The unauthorized use of our CD/Vinyl/Digital Downloads is punishable under federal and state civil and criminal laws.


Open Letter Regarding Copyright Infringement and Notice of Ultimix Amnesty Program


Ultimix and Funkymix compilations are protected under federal copyright law. Copying, distributing, sharing, downloading, or any other unauthorized use of our copyrighted compilations is strictly prohibited. This is true regardless of intentions, and any belief that any sharing or any unauthorized downloading of our materials is legal is simply disingenuous and is in blatant disrespect of our work and the underlying tracks contained in our compilations.

We are conducting a widespread investigation into the unauthorized distribution and use of our materials. Through the cooperation of internet service providers and the use of IP address tracking and other tools, we have and are continuing to identify individuals who are responsible for and are engaged in infringing our copyrights. We have hired legal counsel and are taking legal action against these individuals.

Statutory damages for copyright infringement can be up to $150,000 per instance. In recent years, substantial civil verdicts and criminal penalties have been issued against individuals involved in the unauthorized distribution and downloading of digital music.

If you are involved in infringing our copyrights, we demand that you immediately cease and desist such activities. We realize that you may have been unaware of the gravity of your conduct. As such, in connection with our investigations, we have launched an Amenesty Program. If you comply, we will not puruse legal action and release you from liability. Our Amnesty Program is a no-questions-asked opportunity to avoid liability for your prior infringement activities. Please contact our office for details on the Amnesty Program, which we can provide on a confidential basis if desired.

Thank you for your attention to this very serious matter. Of course, if you are one of our many loyal and law-abiding subscribers, thank you for your respect and assistance in reporting infringements. We couldn't do what we love without you.

Mark Roberts

Ultimix Records