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I already have an account on your old site, do I have to register on the new website?

YES - unfortunately we cannot transer your account from the old site to the new one.  Please do this ASAP.  We are sure you are going to love the enhanced features of the NEW ultimix.com!


I am a subscriber and Ultimix charges my card everytime and issue comes out.  Do I need to input all my info in your new site?

YES - unfortunately we cannot transfer your credit card information from our old system to this new system.  For legal and security reasons YOU have to.   This is the only way to ensure that you stay current and up to date on the newest releases.  We apologize for the inconvenience.   


I am a pre-paid subscriber and I have signed up on your new site, but I do not see my prepaid issues?

Once you set up your account on our new site, please email or call Jeff and he will transfer your prepaid issues to your account.  You will now be able to see exactly how many you have left at anytime. (jeff@ultimix.com or (336) 288-7100)


I just purchased a  Pay As You Go or Prepaid subscription.  Where are my digital downloads or CDs?

Due to the way our system is set up when you subscribe to Ultimix, Funkymix, or Both, your subscription will start with the NEXT release. (Not the latest listed on the site). Thus if you are wanting the current issues you will have to order those separately.   Sorry for this confusion.



How does your Digital Delivery Work?

Once you complete your purchase of the Digital Download you will get 2 emails.  One is your receipt and another will be your link for your download.  The download is also now located on your MUSIC PAGE - which is located at the top right corner.


I did not receive my digital download email. How do I get it?

Please make sure you check your MUSIC PAGE, first.  


If you did get to the confirmation email then your digital download link should have been emailed to you immediately. Check your spam/junk folder and add ultimix@ultimix.com to your contact list. If you still cannot find the email, please contact us for further assistance.


I reset my password but did not get an email?

Due to various spam filters a lot of times the email is ending up in your spam filter.  We apologize for this inconvenience.  Please contact Jeff at (336) 288-7100 or jeff@ultimix.com and he will reset the password for you.

How do I become a VIP?

If you subscribe to both Ultimix and Funkymix either "Pay as you go" or "Prepaid", you are instantly granted VIP status and thus access to the extra goodies in there.


I do not hear previews on the VIP page?

That is correct.  If you are a VIP this content if FREE.  No need to preview - just get it!


Do you guys take Paypal?

Yes - we are now offering a new payment method of Paypal.


How do I update my credit card?.  

Simply log into your account, hit profile, and under payment method hit ADD NEW and type your new card number or expiration date.


Why should I do a "Pay as you go" subscription?

By selecting this method you are getting FREE shipping and also are getting the issues automatically and no hassels!   You get it the new issue FIRST via postal service or digital download. 


Why should I do a "Prepaid" subscription?

You get all the advantages from above, plus you save more $$$.  If you prepay for 6 issues you save 10% and if you prepay for 12 issues you save over 20% and get 1 issue FREE.  And now we are offering special 24 issue subscription.  With this ultimate subscription you are saving over $134 off the retail price.


Is this site secure for my credit card information?

YES - Ultimix is pleased to work with Authorize.net.  More merchants trust Authorize.Net than any other payment gateway to process their ecommerce transactions securely. 


I currently have a pre paid subscription and want to switch it over to MP3.  Can I do this?

YES - Just email or call Jeff and he will gladly help you with this.  (jeff@ultimix.com or (336) 288-7100)


What is the difference between Ultimix and Funkymix?

Ultimix is Dance, House, and Club.  And Funkymix is more Urban, Hip-Hop, and Rap. We normally try to follow this rule, but  since Top 40 has changed so much over the years there are some tracks that can go either way.


I have some requests that I want to see on an issue.  Do you take requests?

YES - if you have any suggestions for future issues or just want to tell us that you liked a mix or didnt head over to the forum and let your voice be heard.   http://ultimixdjs.com/ultimixforum/


I want to add MP3 to my current CD/Vinyl subscription.

YES - You can currently add MP3 to your current CD or Vinyl subscription.  We will be offering, in the future, a discounted rate when you add MP3 to your subscription.  Be on the look for it!


What if I have problems getting my Digital Download?  Or it stops mid download.

 Your link should still be active for a limit time.  Your link will be connected to your account.  You must be logged in to your ultimix.com account to receive your digital download.  If you have further problems just email or call Jeff and he will gladly help you with this.  (jeff@ultimix.com or (336) 288-7100)